This One is Different, Happy Birthday to Me!

I don’t like birthdays. Never have, never thought I would. I like to celebrate accomplishments. Celebrate doing something, achieving something. I’ve always thought celebrating a birthday was kind of weird. I mean, everyone has one, what’s so special about having one. I dislike birthday’s so much that if there is something I want and myContinue reading “This One is Different, Happy Birthday to Me!”

Our child brought me back to my career goal.

This week I took a huge step to achieving of of my goals. I’m 41, this is a goal I had as a young child. A goal that I really didn’t think I would accomplish, that all changed in 2016, just 4 years ago. In most every other blog post I talk about our children,Continue reading “Our child brought me back to my career goal.”

Fall is in the air!

Fall, my favorite time of the year. Up until 1 year ago it’s always been a huge transition time for me. Growing up fall marks back to school, the transition from the summer fun. I always enjoyed summer vacation. Growing up our family always took 1 big road trip every year. We went to placesContinue reading “Fall is in the air!”