Short bits, thoughts and perspectives about life as a father, husband and small business owner; while trying to find balance.



He’ll be fine.

February of 2017 we left Children’s Hospital in Madison, knowing we would be back. Well, we are coming back this week! In February of 2020 we realized Malix needed his tonsil’s removed. They were really swollen and apparently it’s common for a child with Down Syndrome to need them removed. Covid came and all “elective”Continue reading “He’ll be fine.”

Like a Turtle

I am not a patient person, not at all. I acknowledge this as one of my weaknesses, but frankly I think it’s a strength. Malix is not patient either, and after his heart surgery on January 25, 2017, that is just fine. Our journey, we last left off when Malix returned from surgery. Late afternoonContinue reading “Like a Turtle”

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