Our child brought me back to my career goal.

This week I took a huge step to achieving of of my goals. I’m 41, this is a goal I had as a young child. A goal that I really didn’t think I would accomplish, that all changed in 2016, just 4 years ago. In most every other blog post I talk about our children,Continue reading “Our child brought me back to my career goal.”

Fall is in the air!

Fall, my favorite time of the year. Up until 1 year ago it’s always been a huge transition time for me. Growing up fall marks back to school, the transition from the summer fun. I always enjoyed summer vacation. Growing up our family always took 1 big road trip every year. We went to placesContinue reading “Fall is in the air!”

Everything is going to be fine, what if it is not?

July of 2016. We just moved into our “final” house in Fort Atkinson, WI. It is a great house, 3 bedrooms for the kids, finished basement, awesome backyard. Michelle was pregnant with our fourth. We took the 3 kids to the ultrasound as a celebration to “see” the baby and to get excited! It wasContinue reading “Everything is going to be fine, what if it is not?”