This One is Different, Happy Birthday to Me!

I don’t like birthdays. Never have, never thought I would. I like to celebrate accomplishments. Celebrate doing something, achieving something. I’ve always thought celebrating a birthday was kind of weird. I mean, everyone has one, what’s so special about having one. I dislike birthday’s so much that if there is something I want and myContinue reading “This One is Different, Happy Birthday to Me!”

Our child brought me back to my career goal.

This week I took a huge step to achieving of of my goals. I’m 41, this is a goal I had as a young child. A goal that I really didn’t think I would accomplish, that all changed in 2016, just 4 years ago. In most every other blog post I talk about our children,Continue reading “Our child brought me back to my career goal.”

Right now is my action time, soon will be yours.

“Would a Heart Transplant be a better option.” Is all I asked. “Malix does not qualify for a Heart Transplant.” Dr. A responded. “If Malix did not have Down Syndrome, would we be looking at a Heart Transplant.” I asked. The answer shocked me. Imagine this, the time December 2017. We are in a meeting,Continue reading “Right now is my action time, soon will be yours.”

3 choices, 1 big decision.

Let’s get caught up. Malix has been in this world for 24 hours, Cubs have won the first World Series in 108 years and now we are off to the NICU. My memories of the NICU in Madison after birth are faint. All I remember is waiting, waiting for bad news. The funny thing is,Continue reading “3 choices, 1 big decision.”