Right now is my action time, soon will be yours.

“Would a Heart Transplant be a better option.” Is all I asked. “Malix does not qualify for a Heart Transplant.” Dr. A responded. “If Malix did not have Down Syndrome, would we be looking at a Heart Transplant.” I asked. The answer shocked me. Imagine this, the time December 2017. We are in a meeting,Continue reading “Right now is my action time, soon will be yours.”

3 choices, 1 big decision.

Let’s get caught up. Malix has been in this world for 24 hours, Cubs have won the first World Series in 108 years and now we are off to the NICU. My memories of the NICU in Madison after birth are faint. All I remember is waiting, waiting for bad news. The funny thing is,Continue reading “3 choices, 1 big decision.”

He’s Perfect, he has Down Syndrome, but he’s perfect.

Thank you for reading my blog. This past week I’ve been shock by a couple of you who have asked when the next one is coming, the truth is I had a little bit of writers block. Telling a story that one lived should not give writers block, but determining how to tell it importantContinue reading “He’s Perfect, he has Down Syndrome, but he’s perfect.”

It’s a Boy! Congratulations??

Summer of 2016 We were expecting our 4th Child. With our first 3 children, we never did a gender reveal party. We wanted to do gender reveal party for number 4 in our new house in Fort Atkinson, WI. We moved a few months earlier, but thought this was a good time to have familyContinue reading “It’s a Boy! Congratulations??”

God Gives you more than YOU can handle!

This week in a grocery store, I overheard someone say to another “God doesn’t give you more than you can handle.” This reminded of a Facebook Post I wrote February 11, 2017. After writing this, I had some very in depth conversations with others. Funny how I thought at the time we had a hugeContinue reading “God Gives you more than YOU can handle!”

Everything is going to be fine, what if it is not?

July of 2016. We just moved into our “final” house in Fort Atkinson, WI. It is a great house, 3 bedrooms for the kids, finished basement, awesome backyard. Michelle was pregnant with our fourth. We took the 3 kids to the ultrasound as a celebration to “see” the baby and to get excited! It wasContinue reading “Everything is going to be fine, what if it is not?”